tooth filling in Chennai

A filling is used to restore the normal shape and function of a damaged tooth. When a filling is given by the dentist, he needs to first remove the decayed materials from the tooth and cleans the affected zone. The cleaned out cavity is then filled using a filling material.
This filling closes the area from where bacteria can enter. Thus, further decaying can be prevented. Porcelain, gold, silver amalgam and composite resin are used for tooth filling.
There is no one kind of tooth filling that fits all. The best fit for your teeth can be determined by a dentist on the basis of the kind of repairing needed, allergic reactions to materials, the position where the filling needs to be inserted and your budget.
How to understand if I need a tooth filling?
Only a dentist can determine if you need a tooth filling. The cavity you have will be thoroughly checked by a dentist before the tooth filling is inserted. Special instruments are used along with X-ray to determine the severity of damage.
Inserting a filling is simple and takes hardly 20 minutes time. Local anesthesia is given to numb the sensation of the mouth. This is a painless procedure and not much expensive. So You can find tooth filling in Chennai and also nearby in your area.